Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today's Gigo News So Far ...

I spoke to Alex more than an hour ago, and then work got in my way. Just happened again.

Gigo had a difficult night. He's probably had 10 or so seizures in the past few days. Alex said he 24Hr place gives him a shot of vallium when it happens, and that helps.

In yet another 'drive by' consult imparting information, a Dr. recounted that the sysptoms seem like epilepsy, and that Dr. has seen cases where, in small animals with this condition, that their blood work takes shortly after a seizure comes back with 'liver issues'.

The frustration on resolving this is starting to take it's toll. The 24Hr place isn't an inexpensive hotel, Gigo isn't getting treated just comforted, and we've been around all of the prognosis twice now. Alex is determined to force a course of treatment.

The 24Hr place Dr will provide Gigo with anti-convulsant medication, but wants to use a drug for people, not small dogs, becasue the side effects are thought to be less. Well, people weight 10's or pounds, not 1's or pounds, so the medication needs to be formulated. The Dr is calling about to see what's what with that.

In the time it took me to get this far into the typing, Alex called me again. The medication is available later today in a pharmacy in Canadagua. If they ship it, it'll get here Friday. I volunteered to go get it whenever. Pharmacy needs to contact Alex with pickup time and location, and directions and a phone number, which she'll relay along to me, and off I'll go.

More later.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

thats G-I-G-O hahahah

i miss my doggy. its lonely here at 332 with out him. buttt hes in good hands and hopefully some dr will figure out how to fix him. boo. thanks every one for caring about the 4 lb loveyy a much as his mama ahahahahha im on the phone with erin right now. shes silly. ok ill keep ya posted. love you familyyyy

More about Giggio

Blood work came back, with elevated "liver issues" measurement. Not clear to me exactly what's being measured, but hey ...

So, the dog will go on the liver patient's diet, along with an ammonia blocker, and see how he does.

Alex and my working theory is that the attempts to fatten up the dog pushed him into slow overload, until he went off the seizure cliff.

It's always about food for us. We have issues ...

Anyway, they'll start him on that today, keep him overnight again, and if all's well, she can take him home tomorrow.

This is better than the neurological alternative, we think.


Little did I know

It was more of a day than I thought. Alex' dog had more seizures last night, and she brought him to the 24 Hr Vet. Here's what she told me this morning, and that I emailed to Mom ...
Just got off the phone with Alex. She sounds a lot better than she did last night.

The dog was comfortable most of the night, but did have a 'witnessed' seizure while he was there. So now, someone other than Alex and her friends have seen it. Small, cold comfort.

Medical records have been exchanged among Cornell, the 24Hr place, and Dr. Black. The consensus remains that it's a neurological condition, not one caused by liver toxicity. More blood work being done to check for bile acids (liver issue).

After the blood work completes, if there's no hard proof of liver issues, the dog will start on anti-convulsants.

Alex will call me when there's more news.

We apparently did something right raising her. She's doing so well for her dog. Makes me proud.


Monday, February 26, 2007

It's been quite the day

The weather forecast was nothing special, really, but I'd bet we got 6-8 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. Real world, I'd be trapped here for weeks. This world, no one notices snow. Greenville, SC ...

Darlin' Danielle not only got to sleep in a hotel room in Philadelphia, she got driven home from there. US Airways would have had them home tomorrow, or so, maybe. But, she's here, and that's goodness.

I took my problem with Excel up the Customer Support email pipe with Microsoft. A nice lady, I think, with a lovely, if somewhat heavy, Asian Indian (I think) accent called me to chat. I sent her email with my 13 year supply of blood glucose numbers in a buggy freaking excel file. I can only imagine how difficult her job is, because if it's tough for me to understand her when she's trying, it must be really hard for her to understand me, when I'm pissed :-)

Oh, yes, and work still sux ... It's a good thing they pay me. Wesley declined to bet on which one of us would get whacked first. Methinks he's losing his nerve.

Thank God 24's on tonight to calm me down.



I've been discovered. Oh dear.

I had a job interview this morning, please cross your fingers for me.

Aaron painted our bedroom yesterday (it's BROWN it's called MUDSLIDE it looks fabulous but needs one more coat) and I think we're both suffering from some latex paint fume poisoning. WHEE.

Have a good day, Ruscios. Is Mini Elizabeth the Rockstar home yet?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

props to Erin

Love ya' Sweetie ... Knit this ...


I think 'global warming' is a power grabbing fraud.

Fortunately, I'm not alone. Unfortunately, I'm insufficiently accompanied.

Almer Gortree [Mark Steyn]

The Reverend Al wowed the faithful in Toronto according to this report “Eco-pilgrims Gather To ‘Heed The Goracle’”:

      "From my perspective, it is a form of religion," said Bruce Crofts, 69, as he held a banner aloft for the East Toronto Climate Action Group amid a lively pre-lecture crowd outside the old hall. "The religion for this group is doing something for the environment."

      While he no longer espouses traditional religion, Mr. Crofts recalled how, as a Sunday school teacher decades ago, he included Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Robert Kennedy as well as Jesus Christ in his lessons, as examples of great leaders who stepped forward when called upon by circumstance. In that sense, he feels Mr. Gore fits the bill.

Almen, brother! Preach the Gorspel! Yet, spiritual leadership-wise, the Reverend Al is perhaps closest to Mohammed in that, like the founder of the Islamic faith, Mohammed al-Gore is both a great prophet and a political leader:

      "He's the prime minister we need in Canada," said Reid MacWilliam, who has been re-examining his entire life to make it more environmentally responsible.

At last, an American hegemon the Canadian people are prepared to live under the jackboot of. And Al’s boot leaves quite a footprint. Evangelical Outpost has some interesting statistics on Reverend Al’s forthcoming Gore Aid concert:

      * The concert will produce more CO2 in one day than Zimbabwe produced in any month in 2003.
      * The concert will produce more CO2 in one day than the total daily fossil fuel emissions for Austria, Chile, Finland, Greece, Iraq, Kuwait, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Sweden, the Virgin Islands, and a dozen other countries combined.
      * The concert will produce more CO2 in one day than the entire nation of Afghanistan produces in a year.

We are all pygmies in the awesome depression of his Carbon Footprint! (via Tim Bla ir)

She's landborne

All flights seem to be canceling from Philadelphia, including her's.

No new news yet.

my dad said i have to play on this bloggggggg thing.
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She's airborne

Danielle's flight just took off from Miami - 2:13 departure on a 1:40 schedule.

ETA is only 10 minutes later. So far, so good.



hey, I did this all by myself! looks like you're actually going to drag me into this twenty-first century technology stuff ( kicking and screaming and dragging my heels and all that! ) I can't believe that you actually created this blog thing at 7:00 in the morning , for crying out loud--no wonder you wanted Dr. Pill-pusher to prescribe amphetamines for you!


Yesterday, lovely Davenport IA got it's ass handed to it by the weather. Silly Erin and Aaron decided to go out and about as planned at about 12:30, because despite the warnings, nothing major was going on outside. What's a teeny bit of freezing rain to a Rochesterian and a native Iowan? Meh. So we did our little shopping bit for a couple hours, and it would get really icky for a few, then go back to nothing, A'd scrape the ice off the car, I'd whine about the wind and my hair, same old same. The mall closed at 5 due to the weather, Jo-Ann closed at 6:30, ick ick ick. We got home at 5:15 to no electricity. So we freaked out for a couple hours, in the dark, because our neighbor's tree was all over our roof and you can't make pizza with no power. It came back on at 7:45ish. THANK YOU, MID-AMERICAN ENERGY. Good times. Aaron just mopped up a nice gallon of water from our basement floor. The joys of home ownership never cease!

love, erin.

Welcome to Office 2007

I attended the Vista / Office 2007 Launch Event in Rochester NY recently. The event itself was awful - too crowded, no wired network, very slow / useless wireless, underpowered computers, crashing demo's, great eye candy (software, anyway), and almost useless swag, EXCEPT for:

1) A ball point pen that glows led red
2) a free copy of Office 2007 Pro (and, Groove 2007, but, who cares?)

Finally got around to installing the stuff. New UI, probably new features, and Excel is S..L..O..W

Yes, slow. Amazingly slow. Lights up both cores on my overly-hot Pentium D Dual Core 3.2GHz 3GB machine slow. Editing a text box on a chart is an exercise in self-controlled SLOW.

Sigh ...

First over here ...

I've tried to start a blog before, using the Microsoft free stuff. Set it up, and never did anything with it. Hope this time is different.

Erin's post-IA storm, Danielle's in Miami looking at a Philadelphia storm, Alex is here in Rochester where it's nice, sunny. cold and snow covered, and me and she are not looking forward to tomorrow's return to work. Boo hiss.

A random picture ... and punch the publish button.