Sunday, March 25, 2007

a news dump

I haven't written anything for a while, and I've regretted it. There's just something that appeals to me about putting things in writing. I'm old enough, now, so that I'm going to indulge myself. Perhaps writing is therapeutic. Perhaps not. Perhaps I'm angry, ignorant and apathetic. Fick it, I don't know and I don't care.

Anyhow ...

Erin wrote about springtime in Iowa ...

Don't know if that was before or after the two hours on the phone to here today. I was good to hear her talk to Danielle and Mom. And that she got the list/text file of music from me.

Alex seems to have a new guy, which is a good thing. We're not allowed to meet him yet, but soon I hope. I could use paying for a nice dinner (hint, hint ...).

The car registration / insurance change went off without a hitch. Easy and so far, flawless.

Gigi is getting better all the time, off the liver drug, down to a theraputic dose of anti-seizure medicine She / he were here todfay, and the dog seems livelier than ever. Like, a dog. Yeah!!!!

Danielle has issues with school, and you can ask her about them. She spent the first three days this week with swollen glands, no diagnosis, and a lot of sleep. Seems over it, and now, back to that school thing ...

Maripat is Maripat. She can write here if she chooses, just so long as we stay madly in love.

Me ... Got my job offer from Carestream Health, the think the Health Group will be called after Kodak sells it. I'll read the paperwork later ... this week.

The Town of Odgen / Village of Spencerport has sewage issues, and needs an easement from us to deal with it. I accept the $3500 they'll give us, to drill under - that's UNDER - the back edge of the swamp behind the house.

I get my last EK Wage Dividend next Thursday. And, I'll get paid 3 times in May. Yeah !!!

The road bike is on order, available 'in April'. Road rage the way God intended it.

Dr. appt tomorrow for my diet pills, accountant - Joe Nacca - on Tuesday for taxes. On and on it goes.

Hugs and kisses,


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cars, cars, cars ...

Once upon a time, Alex bought a new Scion TC1, got her first car loan, and has been getting Capitol One offers ever since. There are three chunks of documentation with a car her in TaxLand:
- Title
- Registration
- Insurance

Here's where we are. Title: Alex. Registration: me. Insurance: Both.

WTF??? Both?

There was an unfortunate mishap in our garage involving a Nissan Altima and a Nissan Xterra. Which, naturally upon renewal, caused Alex's insurance to skyrocket. Well, can't have that.

Here's what we thought. Title: Alex. Registration: Alex. Insurance: me.

So, Alex hit the WWW, and switched to GEICO. Now, how to get her off my policy? Easy - provide proof of insurance. GEICO sends paperwork, I run the scanner, and a few hours later, email arrives at Liberty Mutual.

"Great. Thanks. I'll take her off your policy."

A few hours later: "Hey, we can't take her off until you show the plates have been surrendered."
Me, monentarily after: "The car is registered to Alex. Always has been. Scouts honor."
Me, monents later to Alex: "Is the car registered in your name?" Her, moments later:"Yes, I think so". "Well, next time you're in the car, check and call me back".

Them the next day: "There's a note in your file about registering it in your name for your insurance policy to cover it."
Time passes. Alex calls. It's registered in my name.

Tell my new-found email correspondent at Liberty Mutual: "Whoops - we're stupid ..."
Them to me: "Surrender the plates, read/fax/copy/email the green slip (reciept for the plates) and we'll take her off the policy."

Sweet. Two insurance coverages being paid for, but hey ... it's just paperwork, right?

Off I go to

Sweet. I'll give a gift to the first person who figures out how to change the details of the registration. Unless it's Alex, who has to do it at the DMV the hard way. Then, dinner at Aja's.

What a day ...


Saturday, March 10, 2007


Today was the Red Cross Family Health and Safety Fair at North Park Mall. It was mobbed. Completely nuts. It was like every single family in the QCA with kids heard "FREE STUFF" and came out to collect pencils and coloring books and hug men in animal costumes. Aaron did a shift teaching kids about fire safety. As luck would have it, the State Farm table was right alongside the Quad Cities Animal Shelter's, where they had a litter of 8 week old Jack Russell-Rat Terrier puppies. They were so cute you could die. He took this picture with his phone and it does not do them justice. Adoption fee is only 85 dollars. He wants one of the brown ones. But I don't think the time is right for us to get a puppy. And I don't know if a famously spastic terrier is the right dog for us anyway. I am partial to beagles and doxies myself. These little guys were pretty damn darn cute though. Looked like little piglets and they seemed very sweet and even-tempered. All girls except for the chubbiest black one is a boy. Y'all like dogs. Enjoy : )

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

i think my dogs taking over my life....

all is very well with little mr gigo. so far at least. its like i have a dog again instead of a weird little baby. hes much much more normal than hes been in a very very long time. gets soooo crazy when hes playing. which is adorable by the way. also is much more strong willed and less passive than before. which, while a good sign, makes it increasingly difficult to give him the 5x a day dose of meds. but ill take it anyday. seems all bright eyed and curious and sniffs around a lot and reacts more to noises and any other stimulation. so little mama alex is happy so far. he also licks me a lot. which is cute but kinda nasty.
were going to see dr black (his regular vet) tomorrow to discuss the "what now" things. i have a list, because im queer. and really excited about the million dollar dog. ok thousand but whose counting... well besides me.... anyways
i saved hundreds of dollars by switching to geico. (sorry had to. im so cliche) ha well over a grand actually. so thank mini for being a jack ass and causing an accident which cost me $400 a yr. in turn saving me $1200. crazy huh?
i cant wait for nicer weather. this single digit temp. thing is starting to drive me crazyyy. aannnddd i wanna go to iowa to see that sister of mine. well the one that lives there, because i have 2. but u know all that.
so yah im rambling.
well im gonna look up dog stuff on google so im fully prepared to talk to the vet tomorrow.
love you family!!! xoxoxoxooxox

ps. good luck with ur new job missy

Monday, March 5, 2007


this is my current itunes playlist, i've titled it Moody. and i play it alot.

1. take me anywhere - tegan and sara
2. love hater - outkast
3. sunday - sonic youth
4. scatterbrain - radiohead
5. good as gone - little big town
6. way out - the yeah yeah yeahs
7. amsterdam - coldplay
8. headlights on dark roads - snow patrol
9. apostrohe - doscount
10. heaven forbid - the fray
11. for reasons unknown - the killers
12. for tonight you're only here to know - the distillers
13. not even jail - interpol
14. pressed against the sky - the toadies
15. green eyes - coldplay
16. my favorite things - outkast

i didn't send a copy when i mailed mini's t&s cd because it's pretty much all music you already have access to and seemed redundant. as i keep accidentally deleting my entire itunes library, pickins get slim unless i feel like sitting for hours copying discs to edna, my hard-drive (HINT; I NEVER FEEL LIKE DOING THAT). so yeah anways this is the soundtrack to my house.

i am getting "processed" by the davenport community school system tomorrow at 930am. filling out paperwork and watching some films and the like. wheeee. i expect to start on the 19th of this month.

currently putting off cleaning up the dirrrty kitchen, jonsing for a presspot of coffee but know i should be drinking tea for my throat, and lovingthis kitchen scale. of course it's red, natch.

hope you enjoyed my disgusting gravelly voice on your answering machine, way to call me back.

going to go get the mail (bills i'm sure :/) now, and dodge the pigeon poo that has become an everpresent part of my front stoop.

love, erin.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

and so, things settle down a bit

Gigo and Alex are here, and the dog is as lively as I've ever seen him. So far, so great !!

Erin got hired by the local school system. Can't wait to hear her job description.

Mom and I celebrated Bulk Pickup Day tomorrow by bagging a few cubic yards of stuff. Speaking of which, Erin Dear, what about all that stuff in the basement / green storage tubs / window seat in your bedroom?

Danielle's still cute, too.

Mind is going,


Friday, March 2, 2007

hes home!!

yay my doggys here. seems a little funny. probably just had too much going on in his lil life. hes on 3 drugs and special food. its a little crazy... but hes home. so im happy.
Alex saw Gigo last night, and spoke with a Dr. this morning. All good news.

No seizures since the 2am one a few days ago, so if that continues, Alex will take Gigo home after she gets out of work at 6 or so.

The dog is on 2 drugs he needs to be weaned from over the next week. He'll be on the 'liver diet' and the anticonvulsant medication.

She'll call with news tonight. Remind me to silence my cell phone at the movies.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Today's news from Alex

Alex went to visit Gigo last night, and made him very happy.

She spoke to the Dr. this morning. Gigo had his longest stretch without a seizure, from yesterday at 2pm to today at 2am, and hadn't had one since. His release criteria is 24 hours straight without one.

He's been on the liver diet since he got there, and on the anti-convulsant since yesterday evening.

Alex will go visit him again tonight after work. We're hoping he'll be released Friday.

The waiting is the hardest part.

i miss my doggy

no real news that dad didnt post. i went to visit the baby today and bring the zonisamide to them. he was cute and licked me a lot. seemed really curious to all the weird noises he doesnt hear in his life at home. then he just kinda nuzzled and slept pressed up against my face. and he had a little velcro kinda sock thing on his arm to hold the hook up thingy for his iv. it had giraffes and looked like some kinda baby clothes or somethin. i talked to the er dr(dr kirk) whose kinda cute in a weird nerdy way. and expressed my concerns to him about the aparent correspondence in the diet change and serious onset of seizures. he said he would relay the info to dr wilder whom i have never met but seems to be dealing with the majority of this. he in turn talks to dr dewey who is a neurologist at cornell. who i found out by looking on the web has done what appears to be much of the work establishing zonasimide as a reputable anti convulsant in dogs. gigos seizures have seemed to improve from monday night into tuesday until now. i guess overnight the night i brought him there he had 3-4 more. today he had one at 8am and another at 2pm. i left there at 845 hoping he wouldnt have anymore overnight. he'll have to stay for at least another 24hrs from when i left so hopefully he can come home tomorrow night. but if hes still having multiple seizures everyday then who knows. dr wilder said it costs about 100-150 dollars a day to keep him there on the occasional valium booster. so now im home wasting time tyring to keep my mind busy until im tired enough to go to bed. which will be soon. thanks for the support family. i love you guys all very much.