Saturday, May 26, 2007

One Fine Spring Morning

The intersection of nice weather, free time, and the energy to do anything with them, has been a pretty small Venn space in my life recently.

Throw in the detail that I just got another bike (a road bike, no less), and you begin to feel kind of sorry for my mountain bike. Poor thing, hardly gets out much any more.

So, today, I took my old and faithful ride to the coffee shop in Brockport. The picture that you see here is taken from my seat on the chairs in front of that establishment, Java Junction.

Said place is where I got a bumper sticker saying "Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks."

Anyhow, the ride: It was great. middle / upper 50's, light WNW wind, blue sky to dream about, lots of people on the canal path, boats, everything growing green and lively. It was just nice.

And, for those of you keeping score, here's the Mountain bike log for 2007 ...

start end miles latest time #trips

2007 1201.2 1219.2 18.0 3/30/2007 1.22.33 1 1.38 13.1
2007 1219.2 1237.1 17.9 4/28/2007 1.31.31 2 1.53 11.7
2007 1237.1 1254.2 17.1 5/26/2007 1.14.07 3 1.24 13.8

13.8 mph is my highest average speed trip ever. When I ride, I pay attention to my cadence - rotations of the pedals per minute. For me, slow and lazy is under 70, my normal pace is 75-77, and I really want to get it into the low 80's. On the way out, into the wind, in my usual gear, I was in the 75-80 range. On the way back, with the wind, and with a no-fat 2 shot latte in me, I couldn't keep the cadence lower than 85-90, so I made the gearing harder, dropped down to 80 or so, and went a lot faster.

At least, I thought so.

It was good.



Thursday, May 24, 2007

I haven't written anything for a long time. Not because there's nothing to write, but because life gets hectic, and I just let some things go. I'm not even sure what's been so hectic, really.

My 22+ years with Kodak ended, and now I work for Carestream Health, Inc., a wholly owned holding of a big Canadian private equity company. Separation and rejoining are a pain in the paperwork.

The bike arrived, and is working great. I haven't been on a bike, though, in more than 2 weeks. Too much stuff to do on weekends, weather doesn't exactly cooperate, and I'm too whipped to ride after work. Hell, I haven't even taken any pictures of it yet.

Still can play racquetball 2x per week, though. After work.

This week, Gigo went to Heaven. I'm sure he's better off with other Angels. Hopefully, it'll hurt less for us over time. It still makes me cry to write this.

So, anyway, I thought of another way to motivate me to write. Whenever I see anything of interest, I'll get a picture, and post it, and just write around it. Maybe that'll get me more posts.

The picture above if from Bldg. 81, part of the Kodak Research Labs (where I'm now a tennant), out the 7th floor windows, facing north. Lake Avenue, not visible in the picture, is just off to the left. Drop dead beautiful view and day today, and the camera phone picture doesn't do it justice.