Saturday, July 28, 2007

Under a rock, or not living my life ...

For those of you who aren't me, here's a brief rundown of this year's July ...

Erin (my kid) and Pat and Bill (my sister and BIL) arrived, had fun, and returned to their homes.

I got a new computer to run Windows Home Server (beta 2) on, and have been struggling to make the networky stuff work.

I have a new digital camera - Canon SD1000. Awesome stuff to follow, eventually.

We spent a week on the Cape with Dan and Liz Kinsella. Much fun, and stuff to write about, later.

My lump sum payout from EK's pemnsion plan showed up., Need to deal with that.

As did two shorts / techincal shorts / new BG meter / assorted supplements / books / computer stuff / email / mail / ... been along week.

Let's see some pic's ...

A miracle happened to me ...

Erin and I wanted to ride bikes. She needed to fly a thousand miles or so, and I needed to loan a bike and a do-rag.

There's an old hardware store in Brockport where the BFA kids shopped for good stuff. We went there, on bikes, to get shelving paper ... you can see it wrapped on the road bike top tube.

Having both bikes in the same picture proves at least two bikes and people were involved.

Welcome to Java Junction ...

You've seen this scene before.

I never had both my bikes here at the same time.

Here's what it was: Erin flew here to visit for a longish while, and we rode bikes to Brockport, to go the the coffee shop and to her hardware store for goodies. In addition to those miracles, my kid rode my mountain bike, while I rode my road bike.

Riding my bikes is special to me, especially on the Canal Path. It's beautiful, peaceful, and my LBS (local bike shop) is a part of my medical care support team.

To have Erin with me, sharing my stuff, and places, and time, is just a miracle.

So happy ...


Sunday, July 1, 2007

Supposedly, there's a lake North of here ...

I've tried 3 times to get to Lake Ontario from my house, on my shiny but not so new road bike.
First time, bridge out over a creek (50 foot span, so don't assume I didn't try to walk thru it ...).

Second time, wrong turn, and wound up in a park / wildlife maintenance area, and while it was nice, wasn't where I wanted to be.

Third time's the charm - that's my Bike, the road bumper at the end of East Manitou Roda at Edgemere, some unclaimed public land before the rocks, and then, The Lake.

This shot from Google Earth shows you where I was.

E Manitou Road ends here, which is just about where Edgemere Drive starts.

I rode north on 259 to Hilton, turned West onto East Avenue, which turns into Wilder Road, which turns into Frisbee Hill Rd. Turned North onto E Manitou Rd, and followed it to the Lake.

The pushpin is at the end of a 30 yard dead end extension, ended in a road bumper. A few yards of un-owned beach, rocks, and water ...

Just stuff I saw while there. There's a house on each side of the dead end extension, and they've got really nice places to play ...

But, I made it. The trip was 27.34 miles, but I did some sightseeing at Town on Parma Park, so not all in flight to the Lake.