Saturday, August 31, 2013

How Improved Camera Phone Technology Buried me ...

I am geek enuf to know what I'm doing. But I managed to screw myself over with new toys. Here's the how to for that.

Start with a new phone, cause my Droid Inc was old. HTC One was my choice, because of the camera and apps that drive it. Zoe takes a series of shots - like 20 -, and stitches them together into an mp4. Sweet toy.

Add in the new and improved Google + "autobackup" from Android device!! Sweet!! I get in range of a working wiFi, and all my images are sucked into the photo part of G+. G+ is not the most outwardly facing sharing service. Facebook being a mortal enemy and all ...

Next up, Dropbox, my favorite files in the Cloud thing. It not only copies the images and videos from my camera, it renames the files !! Awesome.

And, of course, since Zoe doesn't delete the 20 files it snap shoots, I now get 21 files backed up into my two cloud services. And all the files are still on my phone.

Windows has this cool file handling thing called "Move", which takes a file from one file system location, copies it to another file system location, and deletes the original. Great way to empty out the phone onto my desktop machines, off into my photo/video keeping systems, backup, all that.

Except that using Move against my USB tethered HTC One locks up my phone after 5 or so files. Doesn't do anything good to Windows File Explorer either.

I shoot a lot of stuff using my phone. Which needs to be off loaded every once in a while. So, don't do that, for a Long Time, then try to fight thru the stuff above, and, I find myself swamped. What to do?

First, I'm learning what works / doesn't between my phone and desktop machines. Copy works, Move doesn't. Dunno about Delete yet, but ...

Second, I've got ES File Manager on my phone, which is quite happy to delete files.

So, I can get files onto my desktop, and then off my phone. Bit of work, but I'm OK. That's what Saturday and Sunday mornings are partly for.

Now, I've got the problems of getting all those files off of the auto backups that Dropbox and G+ provide.

And, no, I won't "turn them off and on", because I like what they do. Just don't care for the cleanup part.

Oh well ...

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